Imagine that you are at a party surrounded by people who are just like you – excited, positive, loving and caring for each other, connected to each other like one organism, understanding each other without words. We experienced it so many times: this accumulated energy of people willing to be together, to cooperate, to create together, explore together or even to change the world. People that for one moment feel all the power to do that! And then we saw how this energy fades until it disappears. People come back to their routines that drag them down. Overwhelmed by everyday life and the hostile world around them full of depressing news, adverts, overloaded with information, stressed by the omnipresent chaos they start to doubt and devalue the beautiful experience they just had. Maybe it wasn’t that special at all? Maybe I was just high? Maybe it was fun but after all it didn’t mean anything – here is my real world and I’m back alone in it.

We couldn’t let that happen again especially after this amazing party that we organized this year. At We Come One Festival for a couple of days we could fulfill our new roles in this ad-hoc community but the end of it was inevitably coming. This is when we felt like it’s now or never – we can’t waste this beautiful potential we created here! There must be a way to nourish this energy, we can’t let it die!

The idea is simple – to create a platform for those like-minded people to communicate and to create.

After we departed to our homes, scattered in different parts of Europe or even further parts of the globe, we still felt this tickling in the stomach and this anxiety driven by the feeling that something big was coming. We started to communicate our thoughts and feelings and felt the need to continue this energy flow. We created some communication channels on Telegram and started to reforge it into actions. Then we created this website.

It hasn’t even been a month since We Come One Festival, and we already have around 30 different projects and ideas. We are preparing a wide range of workshops, physical classes, community and even activist webinars. Most of them are publicly visible and everybody is invited to participate live and ask questions. If you cannot take part during the streaming, you can watch the recording afterwards and communicate with the facilitators and other participants on our Telegram group

Also on the Telegram group you can access thematic channels to exchange good sources of information and some creative actions. They range from little ones like building PVC pipes musical instrument to bigger like planting food forests. Our ideas often concentrate on alternative ways of living – how to build a natural house or just a tiny house that doesn’t require life-time debt, how to start a permaculture garden, what energy sources are the most planet friendly, how can we make this life better for us and for our Mother Earth. 

Creativity is our power! We want to give space to any idea that is in harmony with our main value – love. And we want to watch it grow. There are no limitations, no goals, no measures. We are here to inspire, to motivate and support each other. We are here to build a community, to maintain this fire that started at our festival and spread it to the whole world. To all the like-minded people who may feel alone, deprived of their natural tribes, imprisoned in big cities, overwhelmed with the dominating big city lifestyle. We wish to show that another way is possible, we are ready to head for this transitional journey, and we invite you onboard!

To find out more about our activities check our Projects, Events and ITV section.

And if you already know you want to be a part of it – join us!